Grassroots Basketball
Our grassroots development platform is designed to help players develop against talent all over North America. It is also a medium of exposure for players that aspire to potentially play basketball and the collegiate or University level. Our program takes players all over North America to assess their talent against other players throughout North America. We’ve traveled to the following destinations:

  • Rochester
  • Buffalo
  • New England
  • Ohio
  • Miami
  • Syracuse
  • Pittsburgh
  • Montreal

Personal Training (PT)
Camps & Clinics
AAU Summer Development Program (SDP)

Grassroots, camps & clinics, and personalized training all include development in the following areas:

Physical Conditioning

  • core stabilization and strength
  • agility
  • explosion
  • balance
  • hand-eye coordination
  • enhanced muscular endurance and memorization kinetics.

Skill Improvement

  • Ball handling – the core of what we do. Being disciplined to handle the basketball in the open court as well as the half-court will allow players to be most effective.


  • Form
  • Repetition
  • Transition
  • Off the ball
  • Off the dribble


  • Transition
  • Pick and roll
  • Drive and kick

Strength & Conditioning

  • Footwork and balance
  • Speed and agility