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AAU Summer Development Program – 2004 Boys

AAU Summer Development Program – 2005 Boys

About Us

Evolution Basketball is an international basketball organization designed to help athletes develop in the areas of skill training, character building and personal development.  The focus of the organization is to provide elite level training to guarantee maximum results. Camps, clinics and personal training are facilitated by professionals for athletes ranging from beginners to professionals aged 6 and up.  Evolution Basketball has developed players at the NBA, NBA D league, Oversees, University, High School, and Primary School levels.  Our platform is designed to help players develop against talent all over North America. It is also a medium of exposure for players that aspire to potentially play basketball at the high school, collegiate or University level.

Mission Statement

Evolution Basketball’s mission is to be the best at personal, mental, and physical training and development. Our goal is to be the number one sports development organization in Canada.

World Vision

Evolution Basketball has a worldwide vision of positively impacting the youth in our communities through mentorship and guidance, using basketball as its vehicle to aid each individual in reaching maximum potential.
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