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AAU SDP Tryouts – Completed

AAU SDP (Summer Development Program) Try-out coming soon in April

Why should you join AAU SDP?

-if you were not given much playing opportunity during your rep season

-if you were not allowed to make mistake on school team or rep team

-if you did not make any team but have a passion for basketball and wished to make the team next year

Search no more, at Evolution Basketball:

-we allow you to make mistakes and learn from them

-we encourage you to apply skills that you’ve learnt from our trainings

-we give you the opportunity to build your confidence that you didn’t have

-by applying your skills learnt and making mistakes and learn from them will allow you to be more confidence and become a better player over time.

-most of our participants became better and more confidence after just one summer, most would return to their teams and earn more trust from their coaches.

Do you have the heart and the passion and the courage to fail and to take risks, if so, we welcome you to join us this summer and explore your true inner self and the player you can become.

Tournament Results

Tournament Results

Coaches, managers, parents and players

Thank you once again for participating in our 3rd Annual Canadian Invitational Basketball Tournament, it was another successful year and looking forward to next summer to have all of you back.

We do appreciate all your feedbacks for our referees after each game, this will help us and the refs that we hired to make improvement and get better.  We strive to ensure it’s all about the players and allowing them to compete at a fair level.  We had prior communications with our team of referees to ensure the fair competition for our players, the communication to our coaches during the game and their professionalism for this tournament are on point.  Most feedbacks were very positives and some had room for improvement and they know that it can only get better from here.  Thank you once again for your patience and understanding.

Congratulate to the following gold medalist!

Oakville Venom U12 boys

Canada Elite U13 boys

CM/BK Select Red U14 boys

21Hoops U15 boys

Oakville Venom U16 boys

UBAA U17 boys

Bishop Elite U19 boys


Transway U14/15 Girls

Lady Baller’s U16/17 Girls


Congratulate to all the teams for competing, hope you all enjoyed the weekend!

See you next summer!

Bishop Elite Canada